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            A.        Individual/Family Membership

                1.    Available to anyone interested in the scientific study and

                       propagation of birds.

                2.   Available to anyone wishing to increase or share their knowledge of aviculture.


            B.         Junior Membership

                1.  Available to anyone who meets the requirements for individual membership and who is under 16 years of age or has a 4-H Membership.


            C.        Supporting Membership

               1    .     Available to any commercial establishment which has an interest in aviculture, especially in assisting in the preservation of endangered or threatened species.

              2.      Available to any person or commercial establishment who is desiring to assist in the control and isolation of avian diseases.


 Privileges of Membership

         A.     Anyone granted membership shall have the right to attend all monthly membership meetings, all elected Officers meetings and any other Club sponsored activity.



               B.     All memberships shall have the use of the Club Library as set forth by the elected Officers and governed by the elected Club Librarian.


        C.   All memberships shall have the right to buy and/or offer

               f or  sale  any birds and/or bird related items at the  

               monthly general   membership meeting or in the Club   

               Newsletter.  This right is to be governed by the elected   

               Officers and may be restricted as needed.


          D.  All members shall receive a copy of the Club monthly



                E.    All memberships shall have one vote on any business put to the general membership by the Club's elected Officers.


               F.      All Individual/Family memberships shall be eligible to hold any elected office within the Club.


               G.     All Individual/Family and Junior memberships shall receive a copy of the Club Directory.


               H.     Membership is a privilege and may be refused or revoked by a majority vote of the governing board if, in the opinion of the majority of the Board, such member has engaged in unethical practices which are determined to be detrimental to the best interest of the Club.